‘Monster’ fatberg found blocking sewer

‘Monster’ fatberg found blocking sewer
September 13, 2017 No Comments bbc admin

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Media captionThe fatberg was filmed by Thames Water operators who are trying to remove the blockage

A 250 -metre long fatberg weighing 130 tonnes has been observed obstructing a sewer.

The solid mass of congealed overweight, soak erases, nappies, lubricant and condoms structured in the Victorian-era tunnel in Whitechapel, London.

Thames Water described it as one of the most significant it had participated and said it would take three weeks to remove.

The company’s head of waste structures Matt Rimmer said: “It’s a total villain and taking a lot of manpower and system to remove as it’s set hard.”

What effects fatbergs ?

Media captionWhat motives fatbergs?

Image caption Eight proletarians will break up the mass with high-pressure hoses

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